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Into the Woodland Silence album cover

Into the Woodland Silence (2013)
Outi Tarkiainen & Norrbotten Big Band with Aili Ikonen

Fredriksson Music 2013

Album cover by Pekka Tuppurainen

One of the most distinguished jazz orchestras in Europe, Swedish Norrbotten Big Band, and a versatile Finnish vocalist Aili Ikonen interpret Outi Tarkiainen's compositions in the album Into the Woodland Silence. The result is melodical and lyrical expression that draws the listener to the mystical dimensions of the North, combining big band traditions, the transparency of classical music and the unpredictability of modern music.


1. Oglütz 8:02
2. Arco Íris 5:54
3. Contemplations 11:31
4. Vapautensa antanut (Freedom Surrendered) 9:13
5. Cayo Coco 4:49
6. Thus the Fairies Disappear 6:57
7. Into the Woodland Silence 17:13
8. Mörkö (Bugbear) 6:23

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“The largely through-composed work [Into the Woodland Silence], dedicated to the featured singer Aili Ikonen, is as much contemporary classical as jazz.” (Finnish Music Quarterly)

“Born and bred in Rovaniemi, Outi Tarkiainen has proceeded determinedly and firmly to the front line of the Finnish jazz composers [...]. Tarkiainen's compositions, conducted by her, provide Norrbotten Big Band an excellent frame to show off their individual and collective skills” (Helsingin Sanomat)

“A big band performance of international quality” (Blues Finland)

“Tarkiainen's musical language draws from the mysticism and melancholy of Northern nature.” (Lapin Kansa)

“From the very first moment [the album Into the Woodland Silence] rages over you like a summer storm” (Satakunnan kansa)

“[The album Into the Woodland Silence] explores the possibilities of a big band apparatus from rapidly flowing swing continuums to sudden turns and the harmonic sharpness of modern music.” (Keskisuomalainen)

Photograph by Saara Salmi